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At the present time, we are accepting query letters only about books already completed. Please do not send manuscripts until invited to do so as we are unable to return them due to the anticipated volume of submissions. In considering whether you wish to send a query letter concerning your completed manuscript, please be mindful of our company’s specialization which is publishing in the area of children’s rights and peace education. We will accept query letters regarding completed books in poetry or prose style and suitable for either younger children or youth. We are looking for material with a strong children’s rights, child rights advocacy and/or peace theme. If the description of your manuscript appears to fit our publishing  mandate then we will request a copy of the completed manuscript. Should we decide to publish the book we will at that time request the author submit a camera-ready copy complete with any illustrations.. 


Query letters should be submitted by regular post or email to: 

          Dr. Sonja Grover
          Publishing Director
          Grover Children’s Rights and Peace Education Publishers
          312 Fairbrooke Crescent
          Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 6Z7 
          E-mail : 


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