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Angeline Doesnít Care How Well Youíre Dressed

As Long as You Pass Her Kindness Test


Sonja Grover, Ph.D.


Book 18 : Childrenís Human Rights and Peace Series (The childís right to equal opportunity and freedom from social class discrimination)


Whatís It All About

Itís about the poor childís right to respect,

And how certain things ought have no effect,

Like how rich are the clothes one wears,

Or if otherís clothes have many tears,

For thatís not what decides a personís merit,

And whether our friendship we should share it,

Rather, itís whatís in the personís heart,

Thatís the only important part.

ÖAnd itís about Article 2 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child which sets out the childís right to be free from social discrimination and Article 27 which stipulates the childís right to ďa standard of living adequate for the childísÖdevelopmentĒ



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