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 Meet Angeline: Star of Book Series 1, 2 and 3

 Angeline says:  

 “Welcome to this intriguing website,  
 And books about every child’s right,
 To live a life that’s healthy, peaceful, and free,
 With recognition of his or her human dignity.”

Contact Information:

Dr. Sonja Grover, B.A (LU), M.A (LU), Ph.D (Tor.)                   Publishing Director

(Dr. Grover is a Professor in the Faculty of Education at Lakehead University and Associate Editor of The International Journal of Human Rights and Guest Editor of the Special Issues of The International Journal of Human Rights addressing women and children's human rights and on the Responsibility to Protect. Dr. Grover is the recipient of Lakehead University's 2012 Distinguished Researcher Award (SSHRC field) in recognition of excellence in research)


Roshan Grover, B.Sc. Agri. & A.H. (Pb.), B.Sc. F. (Tor.), Grad. Courses Envt. Pl. (Queen), Grad. Courses Bus. Adm. (LU), Ret. P.Ag. (AB), Ret. R.P.F. (AB)      
Managing Director


Supply of Our Books to NGOs and Children's Charity Organizations:

We supply all our children's books on a non - profit basis to NGOs and Children's Charity Organizations that promote children's human rights and advocacy. For more information please contact us by E.Mail. 


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