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Dr. Grover  is co-investigator on a SSHRC Partnership Development Grant awarded to The International and Canadian Child Rights Partnership (ICCRP). ICCRP establishes a new multi-sectoral partnership (involving academics, NGOs, child protection and child rights advocates and children) investigating the relationship between child participation in international and national child protection contexts and quality of child protection outcomes.  Also researched will be the current monitoring indices used to assess child participation and how to strengthen these in the child protection circumstance. Dr Grover will be doing case analysis on child participation in the child refugee protection context. The ICCRP includes 10 NGO partners and 7 academic research institutions in 5 countries. ICCRP will conduct case study research via fieldwork and document analysis in Canada, Brazil, China, and South Africa.

Dr Grover is a contributor to the child rights judgments project sponsored by the School of Law and Social Justice, University of Liverpool. She is rewriting from a child rights perspective the landmark Supreme Court of Canada judgment concerning corporal punishment of the child: Children, Youth and the Law v Canada (AG) 2000 SCC 4. The Children’s Rights Judgments project is a collaboration between over 60 experts from across the world with half rewriting existing  key judgments affecting children’s rights in various jurisdictions internationally and half writing commentaries on the original and rewritten judgment for context: “The rewritten judgments will shed light on the conceptual and practical challenges of securing children’s rights within judicial decision-making and explore how developments in theory and practice can inform and (re-)invigorate the legal protection of children’s rights” (Child Judgments Project website). The rewritten judgments and accompanying commentaries will be published in Hollingsworth, K., Stalford, H, and Gilmore S. (Eds) (2017).Rewriting Children's Rights Judgments: From Academic Vision to New Practice. Hart Publishing (in press) (to be released in Fall, 2017).

Dr Grover is also working on a book under contract with Springer regarding child refugees and has a book on the human dignity and the rule of law in progress as well as several papers concerning international law issues.






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